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This program (BSB30115 Certificate III in Business) is designed for both those already working in an office environment in an administrative and customer service capacity, as well as those wanting to pursue a career in in business. This qualification will provide you with a strong foundation of essential skills and knowledge and a sought after career pathway.

Data from the Australian Government Department of Education and Training as well as the National Centre for Vocational Education Research state that potential career pathways for graduates of this qualification include roles such as an Accounts Clerk, Office Assistant or Receptionist. Previous graduates of this program have gone on to roles ranging from clerical and administrative roles to sales roles across a wide variety of industries including Retail Trade, Accommodation and Food Services, Education and Training.

Entry Requirments:

There are no educational prerequisites for entry into this training program.

Course Structure:

The course consists of Twelve (12) units of competency comprising of One (1) core units and Eleven (11) pre-selected elective units, chosen to ensure a wide range of demanded skills and knowledge.

Options for Delivery:

Distance Learning: This course is available by distance learning (online or print correspondence). This involves being provided with training materials for completion online or by post. Our courses will always come with comprehensive support systems and contacts.  Please click on the Distance Learning tab above for further information and to check if this option is currently available.

Classroom Face to Face: This course is also available as a Face to Face course that involves attending for scheduled classes at our specially equipped training centres (Bankstown and Blacktown Campus). Click on the tabs above for further detailed information.  Please click on the Face to Face tab above for further information and to check the dates of our upcoming courses.
If you believe you have the skills and knowledge you could also consider Recognition of Prior Learning

Assessment Information:

Assessments are designed to ensure you have realistic skills and knowledge in methods may include;

  • Written questions
  • Tasks and projects
  • Scenario based questions, simulations
  • Collection of evidence of (new, current or prior) skills and experiences including workplace assessments
  • If you believe you have the skills and knowledge you could also consider Recognition of Prior Learning

Workplace Requirements:

If you are currently working in a suitable business then you may use your current workplace to complete the assessment requirements of your course.

If you are not currently working in a suitable business, then it is preferable to arrange some work experience (preferably around 80 hours) in a business. In saying this, this course can be completed without a workplace due to our specially designed simulated business activities – you will feel like you are working in a business! We may be able to assist you in sourcing a suitable work placement if you choose to undertake work experience, however this depends on availability. We can also provide you with an Employer Pack which contains a letter of introduction and Insurance Cover.

You will be supported throughout the entire program by our qualified trainers, our great administration and customer service staff. The program includes unlimited email support along with telephone support.

You will be supported throughout the entire program by our qualified trainers, our great administration and customer service staff. The program includes unlimited email support along with telephone support.


Fees for this course depend on:

  • If you choose Distance Learning or Classroom Face to Face.
  • If there is any funded training opportunities – click on fees and funding or on course calendar tabs. Some eligible students may not have to pay any fees.
  • If funded training is not available for you then the fee will also depend on if you pay by Payment Plan or if you pay your fees upfront.
  • If you are paying for your course then from time to time we have great specials and price reductions

Training and Development Pathways:

Once complete, successful participants can further their skills and knowledge by undertaking other qualifications such as Certificate IV in Business or a range of Certificate IV business related qualifications.


The course consists of Twelve (12) units of competency comprising of One (1) core units and Eleven (11) elective units. Just Careers Training (JCT) is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO ID 91413) that has developed a program that meets the requirements of this qualification; all these units of competency are well suited to a range of roles within a business.

The units of competency making up our current program have been grouped into Modules. The units and a short description for each have been listed below;


  • BSBCUS301 Deliver and monitor a service to customers
  • BSBADM311 Maintain business resources
  • BSBWHS302 Apply knowledge of WHS legislation in the workplace
  • BSBITU306 Design and produce business documents
  • BSBITU303 Design and produce text documents
  • BSBITU302 Create electronic presentations
  • BSBITU302 Create electronic presentations
  • BSBFLM303 Contribute to effective workplace relationships
  • BSBDIV301 Work effectively with diversity
  • BSBWOR301 Organise personal work priorities and development
  • BSBFLM312 Contribute to team effectiveness
  • BSBINM301 Organise workplace information


Distance Learning

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Face to Face

Face To Face Schedule and Information for Certificate III in Business

Please contact Just Careers Training for further information about our face to face course option

Face To Face Schedule and Information for Certificate III in Business

Course start date:

Click course calendar for upcoming courses

Duration and Expected course completion date:

The course includes 26 face to face sessions with a made up of 2 unequal semesters with a break for holidays You have up to 12 months to complete the course requirements. The length of the course will depend on your current skills and abilities, prior experiences and Language, Literacy and Numeracy support required. Please click on our Course Calendar for more information.


Just Careers Training training centres:

  • Sydney, NSW – Bankstown and Blacktown
  • Newcastle / Hunter, NSW – Cardiff
  • Brisbane, QLD – Coopers Plains
  • Perth, WA – Malaga

Click on the Course Calendar tab to see when we are commencing classes in your preferred area.

Attendance requirements:

You will be required to attend your chosen training centre once a week from 9:30am until around 3:30pm for the sessions. We can customise attendance requirements for you if required.  Other locations and schedules may be available - please click on course calendar for further locations and schedules.

Study Load:

Other than your attendance to the training centre for class, you will also be required to undertake self-study and completion of tasks at home and complete a work placement program. How long you will spend studying and completing tasks will vary from unit to unit and from person to person depending on your current skills and abilities, prior experiences and Language, Literacy and Numeracy support requirements. Study load for this program may be up to 24 hours per week including attendance.

Getting there:

If you drive, then there is plenty of parking at our  training centres. If you rely on public transport then we can help you with the bus and train schedules to assist you in getting here for your sessions.

Work Placement:

If you are not working in a suitable business, then it is preferable (not mandatory) to undertake a work placement (preferably min of 80 hours). We can assist you with things like Employer Packs which include introduction letters, course details and insurance details for the host employer.


  • Language Literacy and Numeracy support
  • Qualified trainer support by phone and email on days when you are not attending
  • Assistance in finding suitable Work Placement (depends on avialability)

Flexibility Options:

  • Customisable training schedule
  • 12 months to complete
  • Additional phone/email support

Just Careers Training has a several options of delivery for our courses (check course calendar for availability and dates). From online, print correspondence, classroom face-to- face delivery and RPL, the range of options are in place to ensure that all individuals can access our courses. Fees listed below include enrolment, resource and tuition fees.

See our Pricing Information table below or contact one of our friendly Consultant's on 1300 558 241 Australia Wide or on 8292 0111 in Sydney. For information and Fees for Funded training opportunities – see second table below. For checking eligibility or estimating your fee (which may be {2jtoolbox tabs id:16}) click on course calendar and click on Funded Training Calendar tab.

Fees and Funding

Fee For Service

Course Format Option/PaymentOptions:*

Payment Option

Course Fee

Promotional Price

Payment required for enrolment (price based on promotional fee if applicable)


Payment Upfront in full - SAVE $$

$ 5140

$ 1490

$ 1490, access will be provided once payment has been confirmed.


Payment Plan

$ 5140

$ 1690

$ 290 Enrolment Fee, then a fee of 53.85 per week for 26 weeks.Certificates will only be issued once all fees have been paid.

Face to Face

Payment Upfront in full - SAVE $$

$ 5140

$ 1490

$ 1490, access will be provided once payment has been confirmed.


Payment Plan

$ 5140

$ 1990

$ 290 Enrolment Fee, then a fee of 65.38 per week for 26 weeks. Certificates will only be issued once all fees have been paid.

Recognition of Prior Learning

RPL Full Qualification Delivery

Contact us

Contact us

$ 290 Enrolment Fee then a fee will apply per unit where RPL may apply. Final Fees will depend on meeting evidence requirements. Please contact us for details.

* Terms and conditions apply

Funded Training - NSW

Course Format Option

Funding Source


Payment required for enrolment


NSW Smart and Skilled Program

From $ 0 (No Cost)

From $ 0.Depends on personal circumstances and eligibility.

Face to Face

NSW Smart and Skilled Program

From $ 0 (No Cost)

From $ 0.Depends on personal circumstances and eligibility.

Recognition of Prior Learning

NSW Smart and Skilled Program

Contact us

From $ 0.Depends on personal circumstances and eligibility.

** Depends on Eligibility and Availability of funded positions, please click on course calendar for eligibility check  and Fee Estimator – Instant result without need for submitting personal information!

Your fee estimate*:
This fee estimated is based on information entered into the eligibility and fee estimator. This is largely accurate, however our Enrolment Officer can confirm the actual fee. Please contact our office on 1300 558 241 and speak to our Enrolment Officer or simply apply and we will provide you with this information. Please note an application is not a commitment from you, we will not proceed with your enrolment until we have confirmed your course fee and you decide to continue.


Do I have to be working to do this course?

No. However if you are working in a suitable business then we will plan your assessments around your workplace (if you want this) . If you are not working then we do recommend a work placement (preferably min of  80 hours) but this is not mandatory

Does the work placement need to be full time?

No. If you do undertake a work placement then we recommend that you space this out for the duration of your course. Your Enrolment Officer can assist you with planning this.

Can you help me find a work placement?

If you choose to, you will need to organise your own work placement. The best way to do this is to introduce yourself to a number of business (better if they are close by or easy for you to get to). Tell them of your ambitions and that you will be undertaking a certificate in business. This work may be paid or unpaid (voluntary).

Will businesses be willing to allow me to do a work placement?

We are sure that there will be businesses that will assist you if this is possible. The training company has the required insurances to ensure that you are covered during your work placement. We can provide your host employer with the required documentation.

How long will it take to do the course?

This depends on how quickly you would like to complete the course and how quickly you can meet the course requirements. Some assessments require that you demonstrate your abilities over time. The time listed on our website is a good estimate; however it may be done more quickly. The course duration is 6- 12 months.

What does the course involve?

Once you have enrolled into the course you will receive clear instructions detailing what you need to do. If you are undertaking the course in the classroom then it’s a matter of attending for your scheduled sessions, completing any set tasks and undertaking assessment as per your training plan.

We will issue you with tools (tracking documents and planners) to assist you in planning and completing your course requirements. If you are undertaking this course by Distance learning option (print or online) then you will access you resources and complete your learning and assessment requirements with the full support of your allocated trainer who will be a phone call or email away. You will also receive scheduled support contacts by both your trainer and Enrolment Officer.

Is there any government funding for this course?

Yes, from time to time. Funding means that part or all of your course fees are paid for by the department in charge of the funded program. Eligibility requirements apply and course fees (if any) will depend on your circumstances. Contact our Enrolment Officer or click on the Course Calendar for further information. If you are receiving government benefits, then you may be able to apply for assistance from Centrelink - Please contact Centrelink to find out if you are eligible for any assistance. If you are being serviced by a Job Active provider then they may also assist with any payment required.

What help and support will I get during my study?

You will have unlimited email support, as well as limited phone support during your study. You may arrange for additional support; however the program has been designed to ensure you have the required support.

Can I fail?

The course is designed for adults and is competency based, meaning that you will need to demonstrate competency (skills and knowledge over time at the required level). Due to the good design of this course, if you follow the instructions, you will be able to demonstrate competency. When your trainer marks your work, they will inform you if you have met the requirements. If you have not met the requirements, your trainer will advise what is required. If however despite your trainers best attempts you still have not been able to demonstrate competency within the specified time and a limited number of attempts (usually 3) , you may be required to re-enrol into the Module. You will be provided with all the relevant dates on enrolment. You will have up to 12 months to meet all course requirements. With application you may be able to extend your enrolment for up to 3 months. Fees may apply depending on why you require an extension. Extraordinary circumstances will be considered.

Can I extend my enrolment?

Extension to your qualification enrolment

If you fail to submit your assessments by your enrolment end date and/or these assessments do not meet the requirements you will need to seek an extension BEFORE your enrolment end date. Students that do not seek an extension will have withdrawn from their enrolment.

You retain the right to contact JCT after this point to have their enrolment re- commenced if exceptional circumstances apply. In addition to your circumstances, reinstatement of enrolment is subject to whether individual units of competency has been deleted or superseded from a Training Package. Enrolment extensions may be granted to students who are experiencing difficulty or hardship in completing their assessment. This can include:

  • Medical circumstances: where a student’s medical condition has changed to such an extent that he or she is unable to undertake the assessment.
  • Family/personal circumstances: death or severe medical problems within a family, or unforeseen family financial difficulties, so that it is unreasonable to expect a student to complete their assessment.
  • Work commitments

Extension Period

The maximum extension period granted from the original due date will be three months.

The extension period granted will become the final due date for any outstanding assessments and late assessments will not be accepted. If a student fails to submit their assessment by the final due date their enrolment will be withdrawn. After this time students will need to re-enrol in the course or complete the assessment via RPL. Standard enrolment or RPL charges will apply.

Jobs Available

Certificate III in Business BSB30115

  • Best Qualification to work in a wide range of businesses
  • Best Trainers and best Course in Australia
  • Full support throughout the program
  • Recognised throughout Australia
  • 6 - 12 month course

You choose:

  • Online
  • Print
  • Face to face

From $1490

Flexible Payment Options Available

Courses may be fully or partially funded