Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)


Feel you already have the skills – Get Recognised TODAY!

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process that is available and encouraged at Just Careers Training. RPL is simply the best way to recognise your hard-earned experience and expertise.

By undertaking this process you will gain your Nationally Recognised Qualification or Unit of Competency in only a portion of the time usually required – and with NO TRAINING!

At Just Careers Training we have developed a RPL process that is fair and flexible to ensure that you gain the recognition you deserve for your hard work and years of experience.

RPL is a process of providing evidence that you are already operating at the required level of the qualification/ Unit of competency. We provide to you a set of instructions to follow in order to compile the evidence we need.

What is the process?
First you need to read our Participant Handbook , which includes information about our RPL process, fees and charges, qualifications on offer, refunds and appeals.

Then complete the RPL application form . Here you will choose which qualification and/or units of competency you will be aiming to attain.

We will assess you application and if we agree that you have the experience required then we will release forms for each unit of competency required.

You have to pay your enrolment fee for the RPL. This enrolment fee is non refundable and you have one year from the date of the initial application to submit the required evidence.

Submit your evidence as instructed in our forms.

Your submission will be assessed by our qualified and experienced assessors and you will be notified within 4 weeks of our receiving your submission.

You will be notified of the outcome of your submission for each unit of competency; the result will be one of the following;
  • Competence has been proven (C)
  • Further Evidence Required (FER)
  • Training Required for Completion (TRC)

Where the outcome is (3) – Training Required for Completion, then you may wish to undertake study for the Unit of Competency and then be assessed by our assessors.

Where the outcome is that Further Evidence Required (FER) or Training Required for Competency (TRC) then additional fees will apply. For further information please see our student handbook or contact Amalia at Just Careers Training on 1300 558 241.


Did you know?

Just Careers Training also offers short courses, including licensing courses and tickets as part of their Licences 4 Work brand.